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Got sutff? 

...we can help! 


What can you fit here?
Well, your Christmas decoration fits here or boxes, clothes and small furniture for example. 

 $60 dlls a month! 

And we have climate controlled for $65 dlls a month.  


Here you can fit some furniture, appliances or even a 1 bedroom content, I like to say is a large

walk-in closet.  

We only have this one inside climate control storage building and the price for it, is only $85 dlls a month!  


This one is perfect for a 1 bedroom apartment or for a motorcycle and some boxes you also can store a full living room set.

$95 a month! 

and our Climate control 
$125 dlls/mo.


A 10 by 15 is perfect for a 2 bedroom apartment, boxes and appliances. 

$115 dlls/mo! 

and our Climate control for $155 dlls/mo. 


The Popular One! 
Is really versatile you can go from storing a 4 bedroom apartment appliances and boxes or your car and some extra stuff, you also may use it for your business needs! 

(Standard one-car garage)

$135 dlls/mo! 


Our 10 by 40 pretty much fits anything you need to storage, it has 2 roll up garage doors from both ends so you don't have to take your whole house or all your business tools out of it to get that paper or tool you need! 

This Month For Only $265!!


$195 dlls/mo!

All your house fits here. 


But if you have doubts we do have a larger one! Oh yes we do! 

If you have any questions, give us a call!!!
915 751 8477

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